Carnegie “Pathways”

In collaboration with AMATYC, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (in Palo Alto) began a major initiative to create shorter pathways to a credit bearing mathematics course (either statistics or quantitative literacy).

The ‘developmental’ mathematics learning outcomes for the pathways work is based on the learning outcomes identified by the AMATYC New Life project; the two initiatives are complimentary and supportive.

For information on the pathways, visit

On April 1, 2011, a webinar was held on the pathways.  You can watch a recording, or get the presentation slides at

NOTE: The Quantway™ student outcomes are based on those in Mathematical Literacy for College Students (MLCS); some of the colleges of Quantway are using the MLCS name for their course.  The instructional materials for Quantway will become available for free (open resource) use in 2012 for any college (under Creative Commons License).



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