AMATYC 2017 Conference “Guide”

I am thrilled to be able to do 2 presentations at this year’s AMATYC conference (San Diego, Nov 9-12).  As usual, there are more sessions we’d like to attend then anybody can attend.

I am hoping that you (if you are attending) will consider both of my sessions.  Information on each is provided below.

“Using Data to Improve a Curriculum”  (S116, Friday at 2:55 pm)
This session focuses on two key issues in our curriculum: the transition to pre-calculus, and equity.  We will look at how to use data to help understand the issues and then monitor for program improvement.  You will learn about methods and variables that can be used at your campus.
Preview:  Using Data to Improve a College Math Curriculum and Equity S116 Preview


“45 Years of Dev Math in 50 Minutes”  (S137, Saturday at 11:55am)
The goal will be understanding our history and the current issues sufficiently to see the path forward.  Dev Math has been nudged, prodded, and attacked in the last few years, and some of us are dismayed; it may be difficult to see where we are headed.  By the end of this session, I hope to show you how we can move forward … towards a goal we can be excited about.  Do not come to this session to hear whining; come to hear a positive message focused on what we can (and should) do.
Preview:  Forty Five Years of Dev Math in 50 minutes Preview


As many of you know, this will be my last AMATYC conference.  In one way, the ’45 years’ session is my farewell … and my thanks … to AMATYC.  [If you are curious, I will be teaching for another year or two.]

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