Looking for new Textbooks? Be an Author!

Are you looking for a math literacy book that is different from those available now?  Are you looking for any algebraic literacy textbook?

These books get written by people who want to teach the courses.  We understand the goals of the courses, the type of content that should be present, and how to present this material so that students can succeed.

Perhaps you are somebody who might be interested in writing either a Math Literacy or an Algebraic Literacy text … either by yourself or as part of a writing team.   If so, you can certainly approach any publishing company to start the process.

In particular, Pat McKeague of XYZ Textbooks is willing to work with potential authors of textbooks for our new courses.  He is excited about developing more textbook choices for us, while providing materials to students at a lower cost.  When XYZ publishes a textbook, they do some of the wrap-around work (such as videos).

I appreciate Pat’s support of our work and his willingness to work with authors.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Pat at pat@mckeague.com

The textbooks should be a close approximation to the course goals & outcomes:

Clearly, the intent is that any textbook focus on understanding and reasoning.  The level of “context” and “small group work” can vary (though always being a part of the package); some of this could be left up to the instructor using the materials.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me!

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