Algebraic Literacy: A Bridge to Somewhere (AMATYC 2015)

Here are the materials being used for the session at the AMATYC conference (November 21, 2015).

1. References, and the New Life Project curricular vision
References Bridge to Somewhere AMATYC 2015 final

2. Algebraic Literacy Goals and Learning Outcomes
Algebraic Literacy Goals and Outcomes 2015 cross referenced

3. Sample Lesson: Trigonometry
Algebraic Literacy Sample Lesson Trig Functions Basics 2015

4. Sample Lesson: Rational Exponents
Algebraic Literacy Sample Lesson Rational Exponents 2015

5. Sample Lesson: Rates of Change, Exponential
Algebraic Literacy Sample Lesson Rate of Change Exponential 2015

The sample lessons are licensed under a Creative Commons agreement … ‘by attribute’; the content can be used or modified, with attribution.

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