“Mathematica Rex” — Present on YOUR Campus??

One of the items I read recently is called “A Field Guide to American Higher-Ed Reformers”, by Steven Ward.  See http://chronicle.com/blogs/conversation/2015/04/06/a-field-guide-to-american-higher-ed-reformers

This is a humorous (to me!!) catalog of current players in higher education and reform efforts.  One of the entries — ‘mathematica rex’ — was especially interesting, given the title.  The people with this ‘label’ are “Technocratic education managers and administrators”; in other words, administrators who depend upon technology and data even when such tools are not supported by understanding and vision.  I have some members of this species on my campus now, and perhaps you do as well.

You might read this field guide for humor, as I did.  You might also read it with an eye for identifying the most dangerous of the species.  I find it difficult to say which of two species is the more dangerous: Benevolentia disrumpo or Pecunia cogitans.

By the way, most of the people who read (or write) blogs like this are on the field guide.


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